Magnetic Particle Inspection with low frequency

We offer control systems working at low and very low frequency (5 to 10Hz) such as electromagnets and current generators. Discover our models below.

Magnetic particle inspection systems with Very Low Frequency (VLF) magnetic field

Wide range of equipment available: electromagnet, portable generator, test bench, rotating magnetic field system (tank, head for localized magnetization)

By Very Low Frequency Magnetoscopy we mean the use of magnetic fields with a frequency <10 Hz. This technology offers significant gains compared to traditional systems working at a frequency of 50 Hz:

Decrease power consumption by about a factor of 5 by decreasing the output voltage required to power the magnetization circuits. Better detection of deep defects, by reducing the skin effect. Defects are detectable up to 3mm deep (depending on their size and morphology).

In terms of operator safety in terms of exposure to magnetic fields, the use of very low frequencies allows full compliance with the requirements described in European Directive 2013/35 / EU.

Control of painted parts, the use of a very low frequency magnetic field (TBF), due to the generation of a magnetic flux interacting with the entire depth extension of the defect, makes it possible to significantly increase the quantity of magnetic particles retained on the surface and thus allows magnetic particle inspection of painted parts (e ~ 100 to 500 μm depending on the type of paint). Therefore the probability of detecting the fault is significantly increased.

Demagnetization in depth, the use of very low frequency makes it possible to demagnetize very thick parts (> 20mm). Indeed, for frequencies between 2 and 10 Hz, the penetration depth of the lines of magnetic fields is greater than 10mm.

Low frequency Magnetization & Degaussing coil kit

Very Low Frequency Magnetization / Degaussing Coil

230V or 400V / 50Hz power supply depending on size and power
Diameter range: 100 to 800mm - robust stainless steel structure
Magnetic field frequency: 10 Hz
Adjustable magnetic field strength Can be used in magnetic particle inspection for magnetization and demagnetization of the part
Supplied with a very low frequency current generator (10 Hz)
Fixed or mobile system

Advantage of using Very Low Frequency
Increased penetration of magnetic field lines compared to a standard 50Hz coil: better detectability and demagnetization at the heart of the part (residual field less than 240 A / m)
Decrease in the operator's exposure to magnetic fields in accordance with European Directive 2013/35 / EU At 10 Hz, VA High = 24 kA / m

Low frequency Yoke coil kit

Available in 3 versions :
230 Volts Main version
 - Battery version (autonomy 1000 control cycles)
 - 230V mains and battery version

Compatible with any brand of electromagnet
Used to generate a low frequency 10 Hz magnetic field at the output

Advantage of low frequency operation :
Decrease in operator exposure to the magnetic field by a factor of 5 - in accordance with European Directive 2013/35/EU
 - Increased penetration depth of magnetic field lines: increased detectability by improving the contrast of the indication

Very low frequency current generator - C200BF

Magnetic field intensity at the center of the coil > 10kA/m
Alternative AC output / Current adjustment over a range of 0-100%
Output frequency adjustable from 5 to 10Hz
Automatic magnetization and demagnetization function
Coil diameter from 210 to 600mm (available in special version > 600mm)

Power supply 230V/50Hz/20A
Weight from 25kg

==> Can be used with flat coil, long tunnel, electromagnet

Low Frequency Current Generator - CM20TBF

Magnetoscopy / Degaussing generator - Adjustable in frequency

400V three-phase power supply without neutral / 50Hz / 32A (20 kVA)
No-load current: 0 - 2500 A / voltage: 0 - 10 Volt
Frequency adjustable from 5 to 50 Hz Alternative AC output, optional R1A / R2A
Magnetization and degaussing function in automatic mode
Weight 350kg