Separate modules for DPI

We offer a wide range of modular Penetrant Testing equipment for penetrant, drying and dry mist developer applications. Discover our products below.

Drying Oven

Programmable and temperature-controlled oven for better drying uniformity

Rapid rise in temperature (70 ° C in less than 5 minutes)
External dimensions 1200x900x1800mm open / custom-made possible
Drying volume: 1000 x 400 x 400mm
Full stainless steel structure / robust
Closed-circuit hot air system to avoid losses
Oven calibration report provided
Model with vertical opening with pneumatic cylinder

Storm Developer Cabinet

Tailor-made sizes
Full stainless steel structure / sturdy
Mobile system easily transportable, possible addition of wheels
Application of the dry developer by mist system within the box & limits the consumption of product
Automatic cycle management with locking from opening until the end of the cycle
Cycle status indicator lights
Model with pneumatic vertical opening including a roller conveyor inside the oven
Electrical control and safety cabinet included and integrated