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We offer a wide range of electromagnet kits for MT as well as low frequency current generators. Discover all our models below

Low frequency Yoke kit

Available in 3 versions :
230 Volts Main version
 - Battery version (autonomy 1000 control cycles)
 - 230V mains and battery version

Compatible with any brand of electromagnet
Used to generate a low frequency 10 Hz magnetic field at the output

Advantage of low frequency operation :
Decrease in operator exposure to the magnetic field by a factor of 5 - in accordance with European Directive 2013/35/EU
 - Increased penetration depth of magnetic field lines: increased detectability by improving the contrast of the indication

Magnetic particle inspection kit

Kit including :

CMAG electromagnet (weight 2.4 kg)
Magnetization / demagnetization coil - inner diameter 120mm
Spirit UV lighting - 2 UV LEDs / 1 white light LED or UV camera lighting - 3 UV LEDs / 1 white light LED
PHYTECH meter combining magnetic field measurement, luxmeter, 365nm UV radiometer Aerosols Black and fluorescent magnetic liquor, white contrasting background, cleaner Transport case

Exists in 3 versions :
  Standard version 230V mains
  Battery version (autonomy 1000 pulses of 3-4 seconds)
  Mains and battery version

Available in 50 Hz and low frequency 10 Hz version

Low frequency Magnetization & Degaussing coil kit

Very Low Frequency Magnetization / Degaussing Coil

230V or 400V / 50Hz power supply depending on size and power
Diameter range: 100 to 800mm - robust stainless steel structure
Magnetic field frequency: 10 Hz
Adjustable magnetic field strength Can be used in magnetic particle inspection for magnetization and demagnetization of the part
Supplied with a very low frequency current generator (10 Hz)
Fixed or mobile system

Advantage of using Very Low Frequency
Increased penetration of magnetic field lines compared to a standard 50Hz coil: better detectability and demagnetization at the heart of the part (residual field less than 240 A / m)
Decrease in the operator's exposure to magnetic fields in accordance with European Directive 2013/35 / EU At 10 Hz, VA High = 24 kA / m