Magnetization benches and magnetic measurements

PHYMAG BENCH - Magnetic Test Benches with Adjustable Magnetization for Behavior Tests of Parts, Sensors

Magnetization by electromagnet for strong field generation

Magnetization by Helmoltz 1D or 3D Coils

Custom magnetization circuit: electromagnets (adjustable air gap), Ø50mm coil assembly at 2m
DC / AC power supplies (up to 1 MHz) - Wide range of output voltage and current
Magnetic fields generated from a few mT to several Tesla

Realization of a magnetic test bench for measurement of the coercive magnetic field Hc, Remanent magnetic induction at saturation Br, trace of the Hysteresis cycle B-H

Helmoltz Coil

- Contract manufacturing and customer dimensions

- Fully non-magnetic structure

- Use of modeling tools for the sizing of coils

Coil diameter: from 30mm to 3000mm
System operating in DC and AC magnetic fields (0.01 Hz to 200 kHz)
Integration of magnetic field sensors possible