Mechanical Properties and Structure Analysis by Non Destructive Methods

Mesures des propriétés électriques par Ultrasons

Solid Materials

Standard measurements by Ultrasonic methods on Metals, Polymers, Composites, Ceramics, Glasses:

Modulus of Elasticity E, Shear G, Poisson's ratio, coefficient of thermal expansion (up to 1400 ° C)

Special measures:

Residual stresses, hardness by eddy currents
Metallurgical analyzes by Ultrasonic / Electromagnetic methods (µr, σ)
Magnetic noise as a function of the metallurgical state

Liquid materials and others

Standard measurements by ultrasonic methods:

Rheology: Viscosity, density, particle concentration, flow rate, speed, Re
Ultrasonic Measurements Flow Profile
Ultrasonic polymerization monitoring

Special measures:

At Low and High temperatures / chemical reaction monitoring, polymerization