Measurement Electrical Properties - Electrical conductivity and resistivity, dielectric constant

Mesure électrique non intrusives

Ferromagnetic steels, special alloys and non-magnetic steels

Standard non-contact measurements on Fe-C steels, stainless steels, Al, Cu, Sn, Gold alloys, others according to standards E1004-99 EC, ASTM B203:

Conductivity (s) in% IACS or MS / m and electrical resistivity (r) on materials, parts with or without coating (evaluation of its influence

Special measures of these sizes:

At Low and High temperatures: from -25 ° C to 250 ° C
After corrosion according to the NF ISO 9227 test standard
After mechanical wear / vibration / endurance tests
Under stress (traction, other)

Coatings - Polymers - Carbon composites - Dielectrics - Liquids

Standard non-contact measurements according to standard E1004-99 EC, EN ISO 15091, ASTM B203:

Conductivity (s) in MS / m and electrical resistivity (r) on materials, in ionic solutions
Dielectric quantities and constants, contact resistance (W / cm²)
Fiber orientation / carbon density control
Dielectric permittivity Ɛ for a wide frequency range

Special measures of these sizes:

A Low and High temperatures (to be defined according to the nature of the material)
Under mechanical stress