Calibrations & verifications of equipment, non-destructive testing meters according to NF EN ISO / CEI 17025

Etalonnage Mesureur de champ magnétique, luxmètre; radiomètre UV 365nm

Calibrations - Meters for Magnetoscopy - Penetrant Testing

Magnetic field meter

All types of probes (tangential, normal), device brand, waveform (AC / DC)

Luxmeter - 365nm UV Radiometer

Any type of probe, brand of device, single or combined measurement
LED calibration bench from 0 to 10,000 Lux in white light and 0 to 10,000 µW / cm² in ultraviolet light

Vérification cales CND magnétoscopie, Ressuage, Ketos Ring, Tam Panel

Verifications - Test blocks and standards for Magnetic particle testing - Penetrant testing

Witness C, Ketos Ring
Reference pads n ° 1 and 2, PSM, TAM
Other plates and shims

According to EN NF ISO 3452, ISO 9934, ASTM E 1444-01

Vérification générateur de courant, thermomètre, éclairage UV

Accessories checks, Magnetic particle testing - Penetrant testing - Radiography

Ultraviolet 365nm lighting (LED, Neon, Bulb)
Contact / immersion / ambient thermometers 10 ° C to 80 ° C / Hygrometer
Portable current generators, test benches
Penetrant control line (manometers, oven, lighting, suction)
X-ray viewer, luminance meter, densitometer

Calibrations - Eddy current control devices

Verification of eddy current equipment portable or on PC

Any type of brand, mono and phased array

==> According to ISO Standard 15548-1: 2013

Etalonnage mesureur d'épaisseur Ultrason

Calibrations - Instruments for ultrasonic testing

Verification and calibration of portable ultrasound device or PC for thickness measurements according to NF EN 15317

Ultrasonic device testing for fault detection according to EN 12668-1