2D and 3D Magnetic Imaging

2D and 3D Magnetic Mapping Service

Scan area up to 90 x 90mm
Measurement step 0.1mm - Position error < 50µm

Measurement resolution: 4µT / Measurement in DC and AC up to 100Hz
Different measurement ranges: +/- 100µT / 400µT / 800µT / 2T - accuracy 0.1%

Measurements from 2.5mm from magnet surface

Multielement Magnetic Sensors - Magnetic Array

Wide range of triaxial phased array magnetic probes:
32 X 32 sensor array, 80 X 80 mm
16 X 16 sensor array, 40 X 40 mm
32 X 2 linear sensor array, 80 X 2.5 mm

Visualization and orientation of Magnetic Fields vectors

Visualization of the blossoming lines of magnetic fields generated in the air by magnets and magnetic assembly4

Quality control of the magnetization according to the grade of the magnet and the supplier

Distribution of magnetic field lines

2D magnetic mapping of magnetic field lines according to amplitude level

Threshold according to customer criteria and specifications

Verification of homogeneity and symmetry between North and South pole

Statistical measurements of magnetic induction

Average, minimum and maximum value measurements

Precise 2D magnetic mapping with mesh (2.5x2.5mm grid) for monitoring the surface magnetic field of a permanent magnet

Export of data in .csv format for post data processing

Profile of magnetic induction between two points in space

Magnetic induction measurement profile along an axis on the surface of a magnet or magnetic assembly

Control of the presence of surface or microstructural defects on magnet of any type Ferrite, AlNiCO, SmCo, NdFeB