Magnetic Properties Measurement - Hysteresis cycle B-H, magnetic permeability µr, coercive field Hc

Permanent magnets: Alnico - Ferrite - SmCo - NdFeB

Standard measurements according to standards IEC 60404 - 5, ASTM A977:

B-H hysteresis cycle with coercive magnetic field measurement HcJ / HcB / Residual magnetic induction Br / BH max / magnetic field mapping on surface B (homogeneity) for magnet, rotor / vector and magnetization angle

Special measurements of these quantities / quality control:

High temperature: from 50 ° C to 250 ° C / low: down to -40 ° C
After corrosion according to the NF ISO 9227 test standard
After mechanical wear / vibration / endurance tests

Ferromagnetic steels: Fe - C and special alloys

Standard measurements according to standards IEC 60404 - 4, ASTM A773, NF EN 10330:

B-H hysteresis cycle plot with coercive field measurement Hc / remanent induction Br / relative magnetic permeability µr / µ = f (H) Magnetic susceptibility χm and magnetic remanence

Special measures of these physical sizes:

At Low and High temperatures: from -25 ° C to + 1100 ° C
Under stress (traction, other), after heat treatment, mechanical
Frequency function from DC to 1MHz

Stainless steels

Standard measurements according to standards IEC 60404-15, ASTM A342:

Relative magnetic permeability µr / Hc / mapping µr of finished part

Evaluation of para or ferromagnetic behavior, material quality

Special measures: After heat-mechanical treatment, welding, ferrite content