Steels and Alloys

Detection of defects, imperfections

Surface defects: crack, pitting, corrosion

Defects in the volume of the room: Inclusion of material, porosity, delamination, cracking, bubble

Non Destructive Testing Methods
Magnetoscopy / Eddy currents / Leakage flux / Ultrasound / Penetrant

Structure analysis, metallurgy by AND methods

Mechanical characteristics :
Young's mechanical modulus E, shear G, density
Hardness, residual stresses (permanent)
Applied stresses, strains

Heat treatments
Depth, processing quality

Structural and physical characteristics
Grain size and orientation
Metallurgical phases, information on the macro and microstructure

Ultrasound, Eddy currents
Magnetic techniques: Barkhausen noise, Incremental permeability, Harmonic analysis