Rotating Magnetic Field - Rotating MPI

We offer rotating magnetic field control systems allowing 100% control in a single cycle. Discover our models below.

Coil with 2D or 3D rotating magnetic field - Very Low Frequency

Fast inspection cycle: 2 to 3 minutes for parts with complex geometries
Carrying out the magnetization cycle in a closed enclosure allowing compliance with European Directive 2013/35 / EU

Management of automatic control cycles
Spraying ==> Magnetization ==> Spraying ==> Magnetization ==> Visual inspection and Demagnetization

System easy to use and requiring little practice of magnetic particle inspection
Diameters of control tunnels from 200 to 1300mm
Supplied as a complete booth with closed-circuit spraying system, UV lighting, programmable controller for the control cycles

Localized magnetization head

Contactless magnetization system for localized magnetization
Control using a very low frequency rotating magnetic field to limit background noise

Custom made to specifications according to the typology and morphology of the parts to be checked Detection of faults in a single magnetization cycle regardless of their orientation
Applications: checks of teeth, sheets, tanks, tubes, pipelines