Degaussing coil

Degaussing coil

Magnetic field intensity at the center of the coil > 10kA/m
Alternative AC output / Current adjustment over a range of 0-100%
Output frequency adjustable from 5 to 10Hz
Automatic magnetization and demagnetization function
Coil diameter from 210 to 600mm (available in special version > 600mm)

Power supply 230V/50Hz/20A
Weight from 25kg

==> Can be used with flat coil, long tunnel

Degaussing - Complete system with secure conveyor

Demagnetization system on conveyor belt

Very low frequency system for core demagnetization of parts and compliance with European Directive 2013/35 / EU

Very low frequency power source with a set of demagnetization programs depending on the type of magnetization applied to the part (AC, R1A, R2A, DC)