Degaussing system with Low Frequency

Very Low Frequency Demagnetizer - Mobile

C DEMAG TBF - Mobile Very Low Frequency demagnetization system operating from 5 to 30 Hz Strong penetration of very low frequency magnetic field lines - Demagnetization of core parts

Power supply 400V / 50Hz / 32 or 64A
Output current: 0 to 2500 A rms
Working frequency: 5 to 30Hz (TBF)
Demagnetization by automatic decay
Output on terminal block for connecting cables and accessories / Can be mounted on castors
Option: DC output for magnetic compensation

Very Low Frequency Tunnel Degaussing Kit

Very Low Frequency degausisng coil
230V or 400V / 50Hz power supply depending on size and power
Diameter range: 100 to 800mm - robust stainless steel structure
Frequency of the demagnetizing magnetic field: 10 Hz
Adjustable magnetic field strength
Demagnetization by hand or on the production line
Supplied with a very low frequency current generator (10 Hz) Fixed or mobile system

Fixed degaussing by Coil and Very Low Frequency Yoke

Power supply 400V / 50Hz / variable power
Working frequency: 1 to 20Hz (TBF)
Diameter: 150 to 1300mm / tray width 100 to 500mm
Demagnetization by automatic decay or scrolling on the production line
Option: system with ventilation for high speed use

Full compliance with the requirements described in European Directive 2013/35 / EU

Demagnetization yoke for chamfers, sheets, small part